Unfinished VR Mode Discovered in the GTA Trilogy

There seems to be an incomplete VR mode for the GTA Trilogy.

Ben Turpin, a well-known reporter at rockstarINTEL, reportedly found the incomplete VR mode by poking around the GTA Trilogies code. It seems to only apply to: Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, However.

“There is a debug Unreal command for GTA VR, but it looks a bit unfinished,” Turpin said on Twitter. “Maybe it would be cool if they implemented this as a first-person option? It plays pretty well. Gunfights and punches need tweaking, [it] would be super cool for screenshots!”

You can check out Grand Theft Auto San Andreas in VR for yourself below.

Turpin claims anyone can try this mode by entering the command “GTA.VR 1” in the game’s debug console. However, you need to install a small mod to access it.

It’s a safe bet this is related to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas VR that Facebook, excuse me, Meta announced last month. Rockstar Games never said anything about the GTA Trilogy with a VR mode, though. Seen Numerous bugs found in the Definitive Edition, PC mods would probably find the VR hints sooner or later.

Written by Kyle Campbell on behalf of GLHF.


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