Virtual Academy mourns ‘beloved’ teacher Raquel Wilkins

SAN DIEGO — The California Virtual Academies community mourned the loss of Raquel Wilkins, a veteran coach who fell to her death with her two-year-old son on Saturday before the Padres game at Petco Park.

Hot Wilkins, 40, and her son, Denzel Browning Wilkins, are over the railing from the third-level dining area and onto a sidewalk on Tony Gwen Road. San Diego police investigators said their deaths “sound suspicious,” but a witness told FOX 5 this week that Wilkins appeared to lose her balance after jumping on a picnic table bench near the fence before falling nearly six stories.

In an emailed statement Thursday, April Warren, principal of the California Virtual Academy, said the K-12 charter public school system was “sad” to hear the news of Wilkins’ loss.

Warren Wilkins described a “beloved” master teacher who worked there for a decade.

“We send our heartfelt thoughts and wishes to her family and ask that you respect their privacy during these sad times,” Warren said.

Their deaths are still being investigated and few details have so far been revealed by the police about their efforts. Attorney Daniel Gillon, who has been appointed to represent the family, told FOX 5 that the family expects to file a death lawsuit, though it’s not clear when that will happen.

After he met the Wilkins family on Tuesday, Gillon described them as “sophisticated”, “educated” and “very sad”.

“When you take money from people and make big profits, they shouldn’t drop six stories to death from a bench by the fence,” Gillon said. “All kinds of ways to protect against that.”

In Ocean Beach, a neighbor who has known the family for several years said he was “deeply moved” when he learned of Raquel and Denzel’s deaths.

“Father Chris is a great man,” said the neighbor. “I see him around. I love his little boy. There is no explanation to justify or understand how this could happen and my heart goes to the family.”


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