Wednesday Night Karaoke At Father & Sons On Hold Until 2022 Following Provincial Message From Ottawa By-law

On the plus side, $14.99 pitchers of sangria are back on the menu on Wednesday night. Photo: Charley Dutil/Fulcrum

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Father & Sons have received a provincial notice from Ottawa By-law under Ontario’s reopening law. on November 11

Just two weeks after his return, Karaoke on Wednesday nights at Father and Sons (FNS) has been put on hold until 2022 after the old student body received a provincial notice from Ottawa By-law under the Ontario Reopening Act.

On the evening of November 10, customers queued up to the 3 Brothers Shawarma and Poutine, three stores away from FNS. This was the second karaoke night, the first being very well attended on November 3, according to the Fulcrum staff present, hadn’t seen lineups of this length.

Sadly, these lineups have alerted Ottawa By-laws and Regulation Services to shutting down the beloved event just after midnight.

“On November 11, Community and Regulatory Services conducted a proactive inspection of the Father & Son’s facility after finding multiple violations, such as masking, physical distancing and capacity limitations, under provincial regulations. Once the inspection was completed, a provincial notice of violation under the Ontario Reopening Act was issued,” wrote Roger Chapman, director of By-law and Regulatory Services, said in a statement to Fulcrum.

A U of O student, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation for the ordinance, told the Fulcrum they waited in line for two hours before being let in. When asked if the establishment was occupied, the student replied: “Yes, many people, but no more than usual.”

“Everyone was kicked out shortly after the regulation came into effect,” says the U of O student. “She [By-law] showed up about 12:30pm”

While FNS did not respond to Fulcrum’s request for an interview, they tweeted on Nov. 15 that Karaoke nights will be Wednesdays waiting for the new year.

The establishment had announced the return of Wednesday Night karaoke on their social media accounts back on Halloween. This was the first time karaoke nights took place since March 2020.

While students will have to wait until 2022 for Father & Son’s karaoke to return, the establishment is still open for dinners and the $14.99 deal on their famous pitchers of Sangria is back on the menu for Wednesday night.

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