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Yesterday at the Luxe, subpoena backed Larry Elder, while exposing an attempted bribery by Newsom’s wife prior to her trial against Weinstein, Rose McGowan once again demonstrated her courage while not embroiled in the Hollywood political line.

LOS ANGELES, CA – As an Asian guy who enjoys the strides we’ve made as a community embracing Asian films and music, now fully integrated with major box office numbers, I remember sharing my dream with my dad just before his death in July 2018, right before Crazy Rich Asians became a huge success and it was Movies like Parasite win top Academy Awards. And before Harvey Weinstein was brought down by the #MeToo movement.

This growth in the Hollywood story collection was not possible because the old structures were not dismantled which were intended to perpetuate the same old stories due to “That’s how it is. Sell it.” And that change is in large part due to the courage of Rose McGowan who was intent on speaking her truth about the way Hollywood operates.

Yesterday at the Luxe, she backed the summons and Larry Elder, while exposing the attempted bribery by Newsom’s wife before her trial against Weinstein, showed her courage once again while not backing down from the political line in Hollywood.

“What does it take to stay calm?” She replied: There is no price.

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This shocking revelation came at a time of maximum impact and Rose didn’t hold any punches. What was stronger in her speech was her sympathy for the attacks on Elder as a black man, and while I do not agree with her on everything, I admire her desire to be intellectually honest. Hollywood can be tribal. But Rose is an independent spirit.

Rose indicated her support for the recall as the alternative would be better than the current incumbent at the Conservative Palace, she stated, because the Elder is a “A better man.”

But what surprised me was her closing statement. She touched on race in a way that few talk about. I’m certainly not afraid to talk about it in my articles, but a lot of blacks, Latinos, and Asians with different views feel silent because often we’d rather not deal with the backlash or call them bad names just because we might get it. A conservative point of view or two.

Rose took her own suffering and directed it to good and told the press and media to stop hateful attacks against Elder just because he is black and his views are inappropriate. She advocated striking a balance and not immediately discrediting anyone with a conservative or Republican. She said “Be human” And I exploded because I remember all the friendships and family we’d lost because we became so partisan and got stuck in our ways, dehumanizing others who don’t think like us. Most of this was coming from the left, but I’ve also seen some on the right doing the same. Can we just agree to disagree and be friends?

Hollywood is slowly raising unique stories and perspectives. Rose does the same and thank you Rose for your courage. It gave me more courage to continue speaking our truth and my experience under that Asian skin, in the way I asked people to respect Larry’s lived experience.

Being someone who stands up for the truth and the balanced viewpoints of Hollywood while risking your career is real bravery. Once again, to quote Rose at this conference: “Be human.” Make your choice on the summons. Don’t underestimate others even if they dare question the current leadership.

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