What role will business travel play in the post-covid world?

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted travel. As travel in and out of the country was limited, people were forced to consider new ways of communication. Business meetings were held virtually and face-to-face meetings were postponed until it was safe again.

Fast forward to the present. Travel restrictions have been largely lifted, and we to be to learning to live with societies new ‘normal’. While some companies have resumed face-to-face meetings, a lot of have adapted and stick to distance communication. Even some major events such as conferences and trade shows are still held remotely, but more and more returning to live events. So where does business travel go and what role will it play in the post-covid world?

Redefined goals and expectations

The pandemic has significantly changed attitudes towards business travel. Lorraine Evans out SilverDoorApartments, offering serviced accommodation in London and all over the world, remarks that “the pandemic has given the world a chance to rethink what travel and accommodation might look like.” Companies had no choice but to adapt their way of working and move in a different direction.

Lorraine added – “Businesses will demand increasingly robust goals and measures that can be demonstrated in their choices for travel, accommodation and even every aspect of their business.”

Changing work patterns

Nomadic business travel is on the rise. Lorraine Evans states that “formerly associated with long vacations, nomadic travel now has a business contingent in the form of digital nomads – those who forgo regular office work (or even a permanent home) and choose to work remotely, wherever their travels take place. bring them too.”

Post-pandemic, business travel is turn intoing more flexible. True international travel is not operationally essential, companies consider a wider range of options.

Meeting the requirements of the environment

As local business travel grows in popularity, companies can save on their flight costs. Not only this, but localized travel is a much more eco-friendly option. Companies have started offering extended business stays to their employees to meet their needs, while meeting the requirements of the environment. If international business travel is necessary for business, the same rule applies. Businesses are beginning to recognize the impact that constant air travel has on the environment. Therefore their answer is to extend business to travel so less travel needed per year – a solution that is better for employees and better for the environment.

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