Which one should you buy?

Health insurance is one of the most crucial policies that every individual must take out. Well-covered health insurance can provide security for anyone at any point in their life. While the most common form of health insurance is the regular or standard health insurance, the broader one is a comprehensive policy.

So, which one should customers choose and why?

Indranel Chatterjee, co-founder of RenewBuy, replied that regular health insurance is good enough to meet basic health care requirements. However, comprehensive health insurance provides comprehensive coverage compared to general health insurance.
“Benefits such as outpatient and inpatient treatments, consultations, medical tests, hospital stays, etc. are covered by comprehensive health insurance,” Chatterjee said while speaking exclusively with CNBC TV18.

Therefore, he suggested that consumers opt for comprehensive health insurance because it can protect an individual and/or family with comprehensive coverage.

“Most insurance companies cover the costs before and after hospitalization for 30 days or 60 days under this coverage. Dialysis, angiography, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hydrocele, appendectomy, eye surgery etc. are also covered. Not only that, some comprehensive policies even cover to cover the cost of organ donation/transplantation. Some common critical illnesses such as paralysis, stroke, cancer, coronary artery disease, heart attack, major organ transplant, chronic lung disease are also covered by comprehensive health coverage,” he said.

On the other hand, regular health insurance plans have limitations. It may not cover some of these medical conditions.

Aftab Chaz, Associate Director – Digital Sales at Elephant.in, shares Chatterjee’s view, saying that comprehensive health insurance policies are always more beneficial as they cover the cost of regular health checkups, as well as critical illnesses and lifestyle illnesses.

“While regular health insurance might be good enough to cover basic needs in medical checkups and everyday illness, it might not help in the event of a critical or serious illness. It is therefore suggested that for “good and complete protection of the health insurance should make a person opt for comprehensive health insurance. Extended plans also have the option to add riders, making them more viable for consumers in the event of an additional upgrade,” he said. CNBC TV18.

Above all, however, it is important to note that a person understands which policy is best for him/her in terms of premium and individual/family requirements.

“There are multiple policies offered by insurance companies, so it is always better to seek the advice of digitally-enabled insurance advisors who can guide consumers with the best insurance policy according to the consumer’s needs and requirements,” Chatterjee added.


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