White House accused of deliberately cutting Joe Biden audio when he goes off script on west coast tour

The american president Joe biden was abruptly interrupted on a mid-sentence live broadcast by the White House Monday during a wildfire briefing with federal and state officials.

After speaking for much of the briefing, which took place during a visit to Boise in Idaho, Biden said he wanted to hear more from George Geissler of the National Association of State Foresters.

“Can I ask you a question?” Mr. Biden asked.

“Of course,” replied Mr. Geissler.

“One of the things I’ve been working on with others is …” the president was heard saying, before the broadcast was cut off mid-sentence.

A clip shared by the investigative arm of the Republican National Committee on Twitter showed that the live broadcast ended abruptly with a “Thank you for joining” message.

The incident comes at a time when some White House staff reportedly stopped hearing Biden speak publicly as he went off script.

He was also interrupted last month at a press conference. when his audio was cut off on the White House broadcast when he was about to answer a journalist’s question about his decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

The president, in making final remarks in honor of the unions on September 8, made an apparent reference to the instructions given to him by his assistants. “I’m supposed to stop and leave the room,” he said.

In early May, during a press conference on the coronavirus situation in the country, he said: “I am not supposed to answer all these questions.”

A report from Political he quoted White House officials as saying that “when Mr. Biden makes public comments, some staff members will silence him or turn off his comments.”

His press secretary Jen Psaki, in a podcast with Democratic strategist David Axelrod, candidly admitted that Biden has been asked “many times” not to answer questions.

“But he is going to do what he wants to do because he is the president of the United States.”

Biden, who is currently on his first West Coast tour as president, pointed to increasing wildfires and the climate crisis to boost his $ 3.5 trillion rebuilding agenda.

His two-day Western turn comes at a critical juncture for a central pillar of his legislative agenda.

In addition to Idaho, Mr. Biden also visited California on Monday and took an aerial tour of the land affected by the Caldor Fire.

Meanwhile, the White House announced that Biden would host the first Quad Summit in person on September 24, which will likely be attended by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, and Japanese Prime Minister. , Yoshihide Suga.

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