WWE’s Royal Rumble wrestling en route to St. Louis in January

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  • The Royal Rumble’s is coming to town again.

Litt getting ready to rumble, St. Louis! If body blows and leg drops cause you to blow up, WWE has some good news for you. WWE’s Royal Rumble is coming to The dome in the center of America (701 Convention Plaza) January 29 in what could be the most attended event in WWE history.

The Dome is the largest event venue in the 30-plus Royal Rumble years. It can host about 60,000 people. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Reports indicate that the event is expected to attend more than 40,000 fans.

Citing “The Rich History of WWE in St. Louis,” WWE Executive Vice President for Special Events John Sabor said in a press release that the organization is excited to bring the Royal Rumble to the Dome.

“We look forward to giving the WWE world a chance to experience all that St. Louis has to offer,” says Sabbour.

Two matches of 30 men and 30 women, similar to Battle Royale, are scheduled for the event. The men and women will pack the rings, and fight for the title match scheduled in Dallas in April. St. Louis previously saw the fight for WWE greatness in 2012, when the Royal Rumble was last in town.

St. Louis Mayor Techora Jones said in a press release that the city of St. Louis is “delighted” to host the event.

“Lewis has the best sports scene in the country, and the Royal Rumble will enhance it even more,” Jones says. “This event is a great opportunity for our city, bringing WWE fans from all over the country to St. Louis and helping keep downtown vibrant during winter season.”

Tickets for this event do not go on sale until October 15 at 10am. Presale is available by registering at wwe.com. For those who don’t have access to the January event, the live broadcast will be available on NBC’s Peacock streaming service.

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