Yellow weather warning says there is a chance of snow in London

11:22 November 26, 2021

London could see snow this weekend, which could cause some disruption to travel.

A yellow warning for London and South East England announced today – Friday, November 26 – confirmed that while most areas will see rain, there is a small chance of snow tomorrow morning (November 27).

It warns that there could be eight inches of snow on higher ground above 150-200 meters.

“If this were to happen, there would likely be some disruption, but this would be short-lived as the snow melts in the morning,” the Met Office said.

The warning estimates two to three inches of snow could fall in other areas between noon and 10 a.m. Saturday.

It adds that people traveling in the capital can expect “a small chance” of travel delays on the roads, as well as delayed or canceled train and air travel.

The Met Office said: “The most likely outcome is that most places will see rain with just a little sleet or snow in the heaviest eruptions.”

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