Zach Wilson wants to “just play football the way it should be played” in exchange for the lineup

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While quarterback Zach Wilson has been out with a knee injury for the past four weeks, the team talked about him making mental progress by watching Mike White and Joe Flacco lead the charge.

Wilson is back at the center this weekend, sharing what he learned at a press conference on Wednesday. Wilson had a habit of holding the ball long before his injury and that often led to poor results.

The other quarterbacks were quicker to check and the first round pick said his plan is to “play fast” so the ball would go to those who can play. He added that the need to get the ball out extends to knowing when it’s time to scrap one game in order to save the chances of success in the next.

“Statistics don’t matter,” Wilson said through Brian Costello of the… New York Post. “What is the highest percentage of play that puts us in the best situation? Maybe it’s second and ten, and someone gets beat, and I have to throw the ball at someone’s feet. That’s the best way to put us in third and tenth place, instead of taking a sack or forcing the ball up. Those great plays must be there when they give us those great plays. My mindset should be to make them pay if they give it to us, but if they don’t I wouldn’t call it boring football. Play football the way it should be played.”

Wilson gets the chance to show what he’s learned against the Texans on Sunday.

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