‘It was a life well spent’: Battersea in mourning ‘local legend’ artist whose paintings can be seen all over south London

Locals in Battersea have been saddened to learn of the passing of Brian Barnes, a well-known and beloved resident who has been painting murals in the area since the 1970s. Recognized by all in the area for his long hair and beard, Brian passed away on Tuesday (November 30) at the age of 77. The … Read more

State employees who have not been vaccinated in July pay monthly allowances

Nevada became the first state to impose a $55 monthly surcharge on state workers who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine after approval by the Public Employee Benefits Program (PEBP) at a board meeting Thursday morning. The newly approved policy requires all state workers and dependents without proof of vaccination or a legitimate religious or … Read more

Study shows benefits of eating mushrooms for depression

tthere’s no doubt that the mushroom kingdom has a lot to offer, with uses well beyond their incredible umami flavor. You may already be familiar with the nutritional value of mushrooms, their ability to serve as a compelling (and delicious) meat substitute, their low carbon footprint, their potential to prevent cognitive decline, and even their … Read more

Pamplin Media Group – Funding sought for virtual reality tour of Willamette Falls

Heritage Area Coalition in Clackamas County among Oregon Heritage Grant Applicants A virtual reality tour of the Willamette Falls area is one of several Clackamas County projects eligible for funding through a government grant program to support the preservation or development of Oregon’s cultural heritage. The Willamette Falls and Landings Heritage Area Coalition aims to … Read more

South African researchers say ommicron reinfects humans 3 times faster than other variants

According to a study yet to be peer reviewed, the omicron coronavirus variant appears to have a higher risk of re-infection with COVID-19 than previous virus strains. The study posted on the preprint server medRxiv found the variant reinfects humans at three times the rate of previous strains such as beta and delta, suggesting that … Read more

Apple’s hourly workforce is struggling

Nearly every service at an Apple Store begins the same way: An employee chooses a phrase from the Apple credo and shares how it applies to the day’s work: “We’re here to enrich lives. To help dreamers become doers, to help passion increase human potential, to do the best work of our lives. At our … Read more

Wyoming Offers Extra Help With Emergency Rentals | Buckrail

WYOMING — More Wyoming households, including the homeless or those without current homes, may be eligible for the Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) because of recent federal funding. Wyoming has received federal funding to assist eligible Wyoming households who are struggling to pay rent and/or utilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Community-based organizations in every county … Read more

Apple wants to (again) avoid these tariffs on Apple Watch and Mac Pro parts imported from China

Apple is requesting the reinstatement of tariff exclusions on the Apple Watch and several Mac Pro components imported from China. Apple currently pays a 7.5% tariff on Apple Watches imported from China, and a 25% tariff applies to seven major Mac Pro components. The policy originally started under the Trump administration. CNBC First reported on … Read more